ASRI conducts research and advocates for laws, policies and programmes, inspired by Constitutional Values, at a National, Provincial and Local level to achieve a Just and Prosperous society.

Founding Principles

  1. ASRI is founded on the values of Justice, Equality, Freedom, Truth, Integrity, and Peace.
  2. ASRI is non racial, non partisan and pluralist in all its activities
  3. ASRI is open to all Citizens on all levels who subscribe to its values
  4. ASRI engages with any willing citizen, organization, or institution regardless of race, religion, political ideology, or political affiliation
  5. ASRI is independent, where funders, political parties, individuals or interest groups do not have influence or control over the Institution, its activities, research directions and outcomes.
  6. ASRI is measured based on its impact on society
  7. ASRI acts consistently in the Public Interest to achieve its mission and all policy proposals must abide by the core values of the Institution.
  8. ASRI brings together South Africans from all sectors of the State and Society for dialogue to achieve its mission.


  • Research and Applied Research in the areas of policy focus within a Values based framework
  • The hosting of Conferences, Seminars and Round Tables with Politicians, Unionists, Civil Servants in Local, Provincial and National Government; NGO’s and broader civil society within the areas of focus.
  • Provision of experts to contribute to policy debates and analysis in the media within areas of focus
  • Initiation of research that preserves the Heritage and History of black communities in South Africa and the celebration of their contribution to Social Justice and Freedom.


  • ASRI is registered as a Non Profit Company, advised by a Board of Advisors selected from Citizens representing a wide range of sectors and who have a track record of contributions to Social Justice, Media, Economic Development, Politics, Job Creation, Transparency, and/or Policy Development.
  • ASRI is managed by an Executive Team lead by an Executive Director who is also a member of the Board of Advisors.
  • The Annual Conference is an advisory council to ASRI, setting a broad mandate for policy directions in the coming year.