Future Leaders Class of 2024


I hold a Bachelor of Political Science Degree from the University of Pretoria and am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Honours in International Politics at the University of South Africa. I am committed to continuous learning and to improving myself and society. In-between hitting the books, I made the most of my free time in university and high school through community outreach and leadership projects to get some real-world experience. It was all about empowering individuals and communities and being part of the social and political change scene. My down-to-earth nature, strong moral compass, and clear values system have earned me some nods. I’m not afraid to take on responsibility and am all about proactive, innovative, and disciplined leadership, whether by inspiring others or getting into collaborative action. Ready to “think on my feet” and tackle challenges with enthusiasm, I look forward to gaining invaluable knowledge and establishing networks at ASRI.


Zethembiso Andile Mathenjwa is a passionate, dedicated and ambitious graduate of the University of Johannesburg. She holds a BA in Public Management and Governance and she recently completed her BA Honours in the same field. During her time at the University of Johannesburg, she engaged in various leadership roles. She first served as a peer mentor at Ulwazi Women’s Residence and was later elected as a house committee member where she served as the secretary and played a pivotal role in fostering a vibrant and inclusive living environment for students whilst also spearheading the community engagement projects in the residence. Additionally, she served as the student assistant at the Department of Public Management and Governance (SWC) where she provided guidance and support to fellow students. She is fuelled by a passion for promoting community engagement, social responsibility, and effective governance. She aspires to make a significant impact in fostering effective public service delivery in South Africa.


Fatima is a Master of Science graduate from the University of Johannesburg with a passion for research, education and community development. She is a highly driven and dedicated individual who believes in the power of change through education and innovation. She is excited to learn about South African governance, political dynamics, law, and policy creation to develop a better understanding of how leaders in South Africa can progress through community development and addressing community needs. With this, Fatima hopes to combine scientific advancements with community development for people in need in South Africa. Fatima majored in biochemistry and is also passionate about drug development and wishes to be involved in developing accessible and affordable medicines for people in South Africa. She strives to use her knowledge and skills to make visible and impactful changes for herself and her country.


Lungelo Mncwabe is 26 years old, passionate about research and community development activities. He has in-depth knowledge conducting research and facilitating outreach programmes to communities in need. He holds a Bachelor of Social Science in History and Sociology, and a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Gender Studies, both from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Lungelo Mncwabe has participated in various student organisations that seek to promote social justice and social awareness on critical issues such as Gender Based Violence, HIV/AIDS, and other engagements in matters related to literacy and leadership. He hopes that being part of the ASRI Future Leaders Programme 2024 will expand his knowledge and skills in research and development activities.


Shaakirah Sibeko was born and raised in South Africa. She recently graduated in Islamic Studies from Tarbiyatul Banaat, Azaadville . Currently she serves as a madressa teacher in Dawn Park, Boksburg on the East Rand. She is hoping to continue with her academic studies and her long-term goal is to be a psychologist. She hopes to inspire and mentally prepare youth to be independent. She is a good listener, team player and understands the day-to-day challenges youth go through. With the ASRI FLP she hopes to meet individuals with the same objective, and to gain good experience and exposure in the programme.


Phuki Phago is a Social Work graduate from Stellenbosch University. She also holds a short course certificate in mental health and leadership and hopes to pursue her studies in the field. She held various leadership positions which includes leading a community project within a rehabilitation centre where she actively engaged in community outreach programmes and collaborated with various stakeholders to create positive changes. Growing up in a disadvantaged community, where social ills and a lack of resources were pervasive, she experienced the challenges that individuals in marginalized populations face daily. This first-hand exposure ignited a deep-seated commitment within her to advocate for social justice and equality. Her commitment to advocating for marginalised populations goes beyond the confines of traditional role; her professional aspiration is to participate in policy advocacy and community development. She hopes joining the ASRI FLP will deepen her understanding of social issues, enhance her ability to create change, and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of social justice.


Lintle Q. Litha is driven by a passion for youth development, entrepreneurship, and academia. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Management and Administration, a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Sciences, and a Master of Arts in Political Sciences, all from North West University. He has been involved in various initiatives related to youth development. He has supported and guided youth in their journey towards success. Currently in the second year of pursuing a Ph.D. at North West University, he continues to expand his academic prowess. With a research focus on political sciences, he aims to contribute to the field and extend his knowledge to benefit communities. Born and raised in Sebokeng, he is familiar with the challenges faced in underprivileged communities, and this experience fuels his commitment to create positive change and uplift those around them. He envisions a future where all young people have the resources and support to thrive.


I am a qualified Sport Management graduate from the University of Johannesburg, with a passion for football and youth development. I coach at a local football club to help myself grow mentally and share my knowledge and skills with young players. Sports can develop positive mindsets and character, not only on the field, but also in other aspects of life. I enjoy working with people who share my vision and values, and I am eager to learn new things and challenge myself. I am a community-oriented person who loves to help others and make a positive difference in their lives. I am involved in various aspects of the community, such as education, health, environment, and social welfare. I aspire to do further uplifting in the community and help them grow in all dimensions. I am always looking for new opportunities and challenges to learn and improve myself, as well as to inspire and empower others.


Gugu Zulu is an advocate for positive change and community empowerment. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Community Development and Leadership from the University of Johannesburg, Gugu is determined to uplift marginalised communities and address pressing socioeconomic challenges. Gugu finds solace in exploring the beauty of nature and immersing herself in African literature. This love for exploration is not merely a pastime but a wellspring of inspiration that fuels a steadfast commitment to community betterment. Gugu’s heart is drawn to healthcare, with a particular focus on women’s reproductive health, with a deep belief in fostering a holistic approach to well-being, ensuring that every individual can lead a healthy and fulfilling life.


Zakariyya S du Preez converted to Islam in 2006 in his matric year. He completed his Ālimiyah qualification in 2014 and became the Imam of Masjid Al-Aashiqeen, Florida, Roodepoort where he is involved in educational programmes, social work, humanitarian aid and charity drives. In 2023 he completed his degree in financial management and is currently pursuing qualifications in Islamic finance to pursue social development and humanitarian work across Africa. He is also a director and jurist at a non-profit company, The Islamic Family Court (IFC) which strives to protect women’s Islamic rights in the marital home and also educates couples on responsibilities within marriage. In addition, he is an external advisor to the Shari’ah board of a new Islamic legal-tech company, Digital Nikaah. Zakariyya S du Preez hopes that the ASRI Future Leadership Programme will give him the knowledge, network and skills to take him to the next level of community service and leadership.


Azraa Seedat is pursuing a Master’s degree in Diplomatic Studies at the University of Pretoria while working part-time in research. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, Criminology, and Psychology, and an Honours degree in International Relations. Fuelled by a strong sense of responsibility and a conviction that she has a duty to contribute to improving society, Azraa has engaged in various student organisations throughout university, including the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) and the Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC). She worked as a features writer for the PDBY newspaper, and curated the column “Humans of UP”. Most recently, she was a part of the Al Sharq Youth fellowship, and is currently serving on the MSA Union. Grounded in the principles of life-long learning, the belief in being the change one wishes to see, and striving for Ihsan in all endeavours, Azraa is grateful and eager to be a part of the ASRI FLP 2024 programme.


I am Katleho Makhele from Sterkspruit, a small village in the Eastern Cape. I obtained a Bachelor of Social Science in Business Management and Psychology from the University of the Free State (UFS). I have been in different leadership positions throughout university studies such as the Student Representatives Council, and It takes a Womxn organisation, both at UFS. Community development is imperative to me, hence I volunteer in my community in organisations such as Mila Mbokodo. I am a mental health advocate who educates, informs, and shares knowledge, especially in areas where such information is limited or in areas where mental health is still a taboo, to break the stigma which attaches to these issues. I am passionate about leadership, entrepreneurship, and playing an active part in social change by contributing to the social development in small towns and across the country.


I am a professional weaving a narrative between human resources and freelance journalism. With a background in human resources, I bring a strategic and empathetic approach to various HR functions while I thrive on building bridges between organisational goals and the well-being of their most valuable assets, people. I am a storyteller at heart. My knack for effective communication, cultivated in the HR landscape, seamlessly transitions into crafting engaging stories that captivate audiences and shed light on diverse perspectives. I see this program as a catalyst for accelerating my career growth. By acquiring new skills, expanding my knowledge base, and establishing meaningful connections, I anticipate being well-positioned for advancement within future leadership opportunities. Engaging in the Future Leaders Programme is not only about professional growth but also personal empowerment. I look forward to gaining the confidence to take on new challenges, advocate for innovative ideas, and lead with authenticity and resilience.


Zain Mayet is a 29-year-old South African studying towards a Master of Science degree in Archaeology at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. His area of research is the trickster character in the rock art of the Matatiele region, which is depicted by the jackal figure in the paintings. Born and raised in Johannesburg, he is patriotic, holding hope and optimism for the future. Zain believes that diversity is the nation’s biggest strength, despite the scars of apartheid and the wasted potential of the democratic era. He believes true democracy is citizen-led, and political engagement of the population is imperative. Furthermore, he wishes to see a society wherein all people can live with dignity, without fear of discrimination or the ravages of poverty. Zain is very close with his family and friends, and is fiercely loyal. He is diligent, curious and humorous. In his spare time he enjoys going to gym, doing yoga, watching and playing cricket, tennis and football.


Kanyane Treasure Manyatsa values respect, Ubuntu and equality for all. She has embraces the diversity of individuals and strives for inclusion. Treasure is a qualified researcher holding an MA (Psychology) from the University of Limpopo and a Life Orientation educator with a Post-graduate Certificate in Education from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Growing up in Ga-Masemola, Limpopo and working as a junior lecturer at the University of Limpopo, Treasure developed an interest in promoting civil society. As an aspiring educational psychologist, she is committed to equal education and mental health awareness. Additionally, she has worked with various NGOs in Limpopo to promote education, respond to learners’ social needs and social issues that may be barriers to learning and mental health development. She aspires to build a just society across rural and peri-urban areas through her work.


I am Karabo Shaida Jessy Seleke. I have completed the NQF Level 4 certificate in Early Childhood Development and obtained my Higher Certificate in Education. I am currently studying towards my degree in Foundation Phase. I am a dedicated, resourceful, and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child. I am an energetic self-starter enabling maximum and efficient work under pressure. I am also a member of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation as well as a member at Rise Mzansi. I also offer one-to-one tutoring classes from Monday to Thursday catering for children from Grade R to Grade 7. As an aspiring educator I value dedication, skills development, and a desire to positively impact the lives of children.


Saujat Milazi is 29 years old, born and raised in Ogies, Mpumalanga and lives in Dawn Park, Boksburg. I am an active member of the community, assisting children with homework and madressah studies. In Mpumalanga I assisted community members with obtaining employment at the mines. I also participated in helping the disabled. I am a knowledge seeker. I have a Certificate in Welding, Assistant Blasting (Mining), and a Short Course Certificate in Middle Management. I am passionate about assisting women who have gone through physical and emotional hardships such as gender-based violence and aspire to build a haven for women. I believe that the ASRI program will help me to acquire the relevant skills required to lead and support not only woman but everyone in general that requires help. I also hope that it will help me to network and meet other organisations that do the same.


Mathashwane Matabane, a passionate advocate for social justice, is fueled by a long-term vision of serving her community as a leader who brings positive change. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management, she leverages her skills in community engagement and communication to empower others. Mathashwane’s volunteer experience includes campaigns that educate the youth on sexual health rights (SHR) and HIV/AIDS awareness. As a facilitator for the Center for Sexualities, Aids and Gender (CSA&G), she championed inclusive discussions around SHR and social justice, ensuring the voices of marginalised communities like the LGBTI+ were heard. Her dedication extends to the COVID-19 fight, where she contributed to the African Union Bingwa Covid-19 Vaccination Initiative by building relationships with stakeholders and utilising social media to spread awareness. Mathashwane’s passion, combined with her honed skills in community mapping, education, and stakeholder engagement, makes her a valuable asset in any effort to create a more just and equitable society.


Safwan Salehjee is from Mayfair and Fordsburg, Johannesburg. He holds an Honours degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Johannesburg. He has experience in financial technologies and is also very passionate about politics, history, arts, religion, and media. He is also a traveller who is very excited to interact with people of different cultures, with different views of the world. He maintains close contact with various communities: westerners, East Africans, North Africans, West Africans as well as communities of the Indian subcontinent. He has also been studying Islamic studies part-time across various schools of thought. He aims to bridge the gaps between various communities and facilitate the exchange of ideas that encourages community excellence.